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Visual evidence for victims

If sexual violence or abuse has caused you physical injury (such as bruising, cuts, scratches, swelling or pulled out hair), photographs can be very useful evidence. If you feel you’re not ready to go to the police, we can photograph your injuries. If and when you are ready to report the crime, you can use these photographs as evidence. Photographs can also be used for supporting a claim for criminal injuries compensation.

These photographs are stored securely, for a maximum of 6 years.

We have members of staff who are trained to use the VEV approved cameras and make records, which could later be used in court. Our staff will:

  • Not tell anyone else that we have taken photographs
  • Be sensitive
  • Treat you with dignity and understanding
  • Understand that injuries may be of an intimate nature
  • Take only the necessary photographs
  • Take photographs only with your consent
  • Let you decide when and if the photographs are to be used in legal/civil proceedings
  • Let you decide when the photographs are destroyed (NB. photos are only held for a maximum of 6 years)
  • Safeguard and secure all photographs

Please note that photographs can also be taken in cases of domestic violence, hate crimes and property crimes. The VEV website can be found here.